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Behind the Lens

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I’m Caitlin Newmaster, and I believe every hour of your wedding day is golden.


Why the name Solasta Photography?


Solasta is a Gaelic word for eternal sunshine. You’ll find it used throughout literature and art to describe an idyllic place bathed in continuous daylight. 


It could be pouring down rain on your wedding day–we are in fact, in Pittsburgh!--and you’ll feel nothing but warmth standing in front of my camera. Someone literally called me ‘sunshine in human form’ once. 


Solasta Photography is my promise to always let in the light while capturing your love story. 


Before I found wedding photography, I spent many trips around the sun as a teacher. You’ll probably hear it in my voice when I’m gathering your groomsmen for portraits, or when the shuttle driver is about to take a wrong turn. 


I even taught myself the technical ins and outs of how to take photos, developed my signature editing style, photograph a full wedding day, and run an entire wedding business. 


Experiencing everything that comes along with a role in education–iykyk–gives me the edge of staying unfazed and unflustered when it comes to the big emotions, unexpected surprises, and yes…the change in the weather that can happen on your wedding day. 


Don’t worry, even Solasta Photography packs umbrellas.


The number one word couples use to describe working with me? Fun. And if I’m being honest, that’s what your wedding photography experience should be!


It should feel like waking up on the first day of vacation: After countless hours of preparation and planning–and probably not much sleep!--All you have to do now is open your door and welcome a bright, brand new moment in your life. 


I’ll be right there to photograph it. 

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